A Multi-Tier Cooling Solution with a Small “Paw Print”

Triton Innovation, LLC. provided a space-efficient solution that supported end-to-end pet chew production for a manufacturer in need. 270° F pet chews were extruded and fed to an incline conveyor that raised them to the top level of a multi-tier cooling conveyor. With space limitations being a major concern at the manufacturing site, the multi-tier cooling conveyor was an ideal solution. It utilized vertical space by dividing the conveying distance required to effectively cool the pet chews into five stacked segments. Each level had discharge points at the end that dropped pet chews to the conveyor level situated directly below. Once fully cooled, the bottom level conveyor fed pet chews to the packaging line.

Triton’s conveyors used belting with 38% opening to enhance cooling and were enclosed by stainless steel hinged top covers with flanged inlets for exhaust system connections. To support the addition of cooling fan connections, side ports with removable plexiglass window covers were used. A VFD speed controller allowed operators to increase or decrease cooling times to accommodate a variety of methods and conditions.

Triton’s innovative cooling solution empowered this customer to increase production capacity within a small footprint and helped maintain their product’s quality by avoiding condensation within packaging.

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