A baking company was facing product loss and jamming due to handling insufficiencies caused by a lack of sideguards and laning technology in their existing equipment. Freshly baked English muffins exiting the oven and heading for the packaging line were clustered, unorganized, and could not cool properly since their conveyor was not equipped with diverters that play a pivotal role in guiding and organizing product into ordered lanes. Without side guides, the moving clusters of English muffins would often fall to the floor, resulting in costly product loss.

Triton Innovation, LLC. engineered a custom Plastic Belt Conveyor to address this Baking Company’s struggles with handling inefficiencies that ultimately caused product and profit loss. Transitioning hot English muffins from disordered clusters into two, single file lanes was accomplished through Triton’s addition of adjustable Funneling Guides and Lane Diverters. Laning technology that included a FDA approved, open grid style belt, enabled smooth, orderly product transportation and airflow to access each English muffin to achieve proper cooling before arriving to the packaging line. Triton was also able to eliminate all product loss with the provision of Stainless Steel Sideguides that kept English muffins contained on the conveyor and off of the floor. Triton Innovation’s extensive experience with sanitary applications, ability to custom design and manufacture food grade equipment made the choice for this customer clear. The solutions provided by Triton put an end to added costs caused by jamming, downtime, and product loss.