A customer in New York adding an additional filling station to their feta cheese packaging line required an inventive solution to transport, position, and merge tubs of varying sizes from two filling lines into a single scanning and lidding line.

Application specialists from Triton Innovation, LLC. learned that this customer’s existing operation consisted of a single line that included a filling station, a metal detector, and a lidding station for their feta cheese packaging process. With the addition of a second filling station, this customer needed a cost-effective solution that would integrate seamlessly with their current line.

Triton designed a dual lane conveyor that could retrieve tubs from both filling stations and streamline each tub into their existing line where metal detection scanning and lidding took place. The dual lane conveyor consisted of two portions: a straight conveyor that directly connected to their existing line, and a curved conveyor that merged with the straight conveyor. It was imperative that all feta tubs were properly positioned along the entire packaging line. To ensure this was executed, Triton included a non-marking, 90 degree bump turn wheel at the merging point on the curved conveyor that effectively rotated and positioned each tub in the correct orientation. For an effortless, smooth transfer, transition modules were also added to each connection point between all conveyors. To accommodate tubs of varying sizes being transported on the same line, Triton added adjustable guide rails that are easy to fine-tune and create custom guided paths for many sizes of tubs to travel along.

The innovative dual lane conveyor saved valuable floorspace and enabled both filling stations to operate simultaneously, which helped this customer double their production rate. Triton’s inventive, yet simplified solution was not only reliable and easy to maintain, but also saved this customer from having to purchase an additional metal detector.