Many food processing, package handling, assembly and manufacturing plants require new ways to increase worker safety and reduce contaminants in the work place.

The Triton Innovation, LLC. Sanitizing Conveyor offers a sanitizing process for food processing, package handling, assembly, and manufacturing industries. The Triton Sanitizing Conveyor applies a fine mist or spray of sanitizing solution, delivered through the system’s supply line or system reservoir, to the surface of products as they move through the conveyor tunnel. The sanitizing process benefits workers, customers, and carriers by reducing the risk of contamination from goods while receiving, processing, shipping, or storing.

  • Infeed and discharge sensors to start and stop the system automatically
  • Belt options suited for boxes, totes, buckets, bags, tins or trays
  • Custom widths are available to handle a variety of package sizes
  • Drying tunnel to manage the solution dwell and dry times before handling
  • Air knives and heat options to reduce dry times
  • Drying tunnel design options to increase production rates
  • Air scrubbers are available with optional HEPA filter