Metering Hopper and Feeder Solutions for Food Manufacturing

Triton Innovation, LLC. helped a food manufacturer that needed to portion and transport bulk loaded sausage pieces evenly and accurately for further processing and packaging.

A Stainless Steel Metering Hopper with a Stainless Steel Vibratory Feeder mounted below was integrated into this customer’s production line to allow for gentle, accurate, and consistent metering and transportation of product. Once large totes of sausage pieces were bulk fed into the Metering Hopper, a manually adjustable discharge gate located at the base of the Hopper opened to allow even portions of sausage pieces to dispense onto the tray of the Vibratory Feeder below. The speed of the Vibratory Feeder was adjusted to gently transport the even portions of sausage pieces to an incline conveyor for further processing and packaging.

Triton’s solution not only helped meet this customer’s food handling needs, but it also enabled this customer to increase in daily production capabilities by approximately 12,000 pounds!

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