This customer was using dumpers that could only partially rotate due to ceiling height restrictions for their frozen pizza production lines. Operators had to manually unload bulk pizza toppings from the dumpers, which slowed the process significantly.

To improve the efficiency of this customer’s frozen pizza production lines, Triton Innovation, LLC. designed multiple hygienic dumpers that could complete full dump rotations, despite their space limitations.

As bulk pizza toppings were stored in gaylord boxes with plastic liners, there needed to be a way for toppings to empty into a hopper, independent of the liner. Additionally, the gaylord boxes themselves were not all the same height, which required a unique solution to keep the boxes and liners secured during the dumping process. Triton’s experienced engineering team designed a highly innovative solution to combat both of their concerns simultaneously: a hold down bar that could be manually adjusted to accommodate varying heights of gaylord boxes and prevent the plastic liner from falling out during dump sequences.

These fully functional dumpers automated the discharge of toppings to alleviate operators from a laborious process. Instead of having to manually remove the toppings with stainless steel forks, the dumpers’ low cycle times provided newfound flexibility to speed up production rates when necessary.

Triton’s hygienic solution helped this customer scale their operation by cutting labor costs and inefficiency from a critical stage of their pizza manufacturing process.