Triton’s Metering Feeder System Wows, Cheese Curd Processor Purchases a Second

A dairy manufacturer turned to Triton Innovation, LLC to streamline their operations and help employees with an ergonomic solution. Workers were lugging 40-pound boxes of frozen cheese curds, one at a time, and then lifting them to unload into a tall screener that initiated preparation for breading.

To improve their production process, this customer initially had a conveyor in mind. After the Triton team understood their concerns, a Metering Feeder System was recommended to effectively address their issues and deliver results beyond their expectations. With the addition of Triton’s Metering Hopper, up to four boxes of frozen curds could be unloaded by employees at one time! There was no longer a need for workers to lift boxes as high during the unloading process, as the Metering Hopper was customized to be lower for better ergonomics. Once filled, workers would then utilize a manual slide gate on the hopper to control the flow of cheese curds that fed a hygienic belt conveyor directly below. Triton’s Z-Style Belt Conveyor elevated the metered flow of cheese curds up to the customer’s tall vibratory screener to consistently filter small particles out before the breading process. By trusting the Triton team’s recommendation, this Metering Feeder System maximized productivity and afforded workers a less straining, more efficient unloading process that enabled them to tackle other important tasks.

Our innovative, ergonomic, and customized solution was so effective that this customer ordered a second system! Click below to read more about it.

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