The need to ramp up production for holiday demands led a commercial baker to seek an upgrade in their pastry line capacity. Producing enough of their holiday Kringle would require pecans to dispense onto an additional row of delectable pastry dough, which their current equipment could not accomplish.

Triton Innovation, LLC’s team of solution experts listened to the needs of this commercial pastry maker. To make enough Kringle for the annual holiday surge, it was imperative a fourth row of dough be added to their production line—but flexibility was needed so they could retain their typical three-row capacity during the rest of the year. Our innovative solution needed to be adaptable, efficient, easily cleaned, and timely.

Triton went to task by designing a custom Metering Hopper System on casters which would cantilever over our customer’s pastry dough line. Production team members could roll the system over the dough line and conveniently fill the hopper in place with up to 100 pounds of pecans, which helped reduce downtime. Adjustable position discharge chutes were designed to precisely direct the flow of pecans onto each row of moving dough, while variable speed Vibratory Feeders enabled line workers to individually adjust the dispensing rate. During typical production, the system dispersed pecans onto three rows of dough while a custom divider sealed off the fourth feeder. When demand was high, increasing production was made simple: Triton designed the hopper divider to be easily removed so that the system dispensed pecans—or other tasty fillings to create a variety of Kringle recipes—onto all four rows of pastry dough.

Yielding a 33% increase in Kringle production, Triton’s Metering Hopper System empowered this baker to fulfill the surge of orders and meet holiday demands. Our team helped facilitate this pastry maker’s flexible production needs with an innovative, agile solution for their Kringle baking operation—making the holidays even sweeter.