Triton’s Bulk Handling Equipment Helps an Expanding Plant Keep Up with Demands

Triton Innovation, LLC. was contacted to customize a conveyance solution that could support heightened demands in a customer’s space-restricted plant. The solution needed to be highly space-efficient and hygienic to meet food safety requirements, as bulk chocolate chip cookie ingredients were conveyed to their packaging line.

With these important requirements in mind, equipment was constructed using Triton’s Hygienic Series designs, which feature tool-less access for quick, effective cleaning and easy inspection. The solution consisted of Z-Style Incline Conveyors, an essential configuration for limited spaces, and Horizontal Conveyors. Stainless Steel Casters were also added to provide mobility for daily cleaning practices. Utilizing vertical space, the Z-Style Conveyor elevated cookie dough chunks and chocolate flakes above existing walkways so operators could move freely between production lines.

Triton’s tensionless ThermoDrive Belting was used for each conveyor to effectively transport bulk cookie ingredients. Customizations were added to optimize belt access for routine inspecting and cleaning to meet hygienic performance standards. Space was designed in to create airflow and eliminate contact between surfaces that tend to harbor contaminants. Belt Lifters provided access to the underside of the belt, while hinged Top Covers and UHMW Sideguides were purposefully designed to contain the bulk ingredients while in motion and easily open for belt access.

This customer was able to efficiently expand production by taking advantage of otherwise unused vertical space with Triton’s innovative conveyance solutions.

For additional information contact TRITON INNOVATION, LLC – P.O. Box 453, Alpena, MI 49707 | 989.358.6238

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