Cheese Wheel Solution Reduces Manual Labor and Improves Process Efficiency

In a cheese wheel packaging application, operators were carrying 23-pound cheese wheels from a cooling storage room to a packaging line located on the other side of the plant. Triton Innovation, LLC. implemented a stainless steel plastic belt conveyor with a hygienic gravity roller accumulation zone that helped improve ergonomics and efficiency.

Triton’s conveyor solution was designed to transport their product from a cooling storage room through a window that opened to the packaging line on the opposite side of the plant. In their refrigerated storage room, operators loaded unwrapped cheese wheels onto the belted portion of the conveyor to transport and then accumulate at the discharge end near their existing packaging line. From here, operators would simply transfer the cheese wheels from the accumulation zone of Triton’s conveyor to their packaging conveyor nearby. The accumulation zone was made using hygienic gravity rollers without axels or bearings that harbor contaminants and could be lifted out for easy access and cleaning. To accommodate the required production capacity for each shift, belt speeds could be adjusted using the variable speed controller.

Automating the initial stage of their packaging process eliminated the need for operators to carry bulky, heavy cheese wheels across the plant, resulting in a significant reduction in manual labor. Triton’s stainless steel plastic belt conveyor with hygienic gravity rollers helped facilitate sanitary conditions critical to this customer’s operation and ultimate bottom line.

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